Fiskars 12 Inch Premium Portable Trimmer

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FISKARS is well-known for their paper trimmers, and this version does not disappoint. It has sometimes been difficult to see where exactly a trimmer will cut, and this model solves the problem by including a wire guide. This portable, lightweight 12" trimmer includes a blade carriage that's easy to replace without bowing the rails, making it the ideal trimmer for all your paper-crafting projects.

The blade carriage has a new easy-grip handle for easy cutting and scoring while the crystal-clear smudge guard lets you hold things in place for complete accuracy without getting messy fingerprints on your best paper. A pull-out ruler extends your measuring area for larger pieces. A notch in the rail allows for easily removing and replacing the blade; keeping your cuts accurate for as long as you use it. Finally, rubberized feet keep the base from sliding around so each cut is perfect every time.


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