Summer Fun Garland

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  • Drinks (White Glass, Yellow Drink, 3 Rhinestones, 2 Pink Umbrellas, Straw, Extender)
  • Palm Trees (Light Brown Trunk, Dark Brown Trunk, 5 Light Green Leaves, 5 Dark Green Leaves, Extender)
  • Pineapples (Plaid Pineapple, Yellow Shimmer Plaid, Shimmer Green Leaves, Green Leaves, Extender)
  • Flamingos (Two Pink Bodies, Legs, Eye, Mouth, Nose, Extender)
  • Twine

Drinks: Adhere the straw to the left of the white glass. Adhere the polka dot umbrella to the solid pink umbrella. Adhere
the umbrella to the right side of the white glass. Fold and adhere the extender and adhere to the drink and adhere the
white glass. Add the three rhinstones to the yellow drink.
Palm Trees: Adhere the dark brown trunk to the right side of the light brown trunk. On each leaf, adhere the coordinating
other half to the top. Fold and adhere the extender. Adhere to the top of the trunk. Arrange and adhere the leaves on the
extender in layers.
Pineapples: Adhere the shimmer plaidto the top of the pineapple. Adhere the green leaves to the back of the pineapple.
Fold and adhere the extender. Adhere to the center of the leaves. Adhere the shimmer leaves to the top of th extender.
Flamingo: Fold and adhere the extender and adhere to the center of the large body. Adhere the eye to the front flamingo.
Adhere the nose, adhere the mouth. Adhere the front body to the extender. Adhere the legs to the bottom of the front
String bakers twine through the icons as shown, leaving equal amounts of twine at each end. Trim and knot as needed.
When the season is over, simply stack together and place in a sealed bag in a cool, dark place to enjoy for many years to


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