Santa's Sleigh Garland

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Accompany all of our 4th of July banners with this darling star garland. Hang during the 4th of July holiday or anytime you are feeling patriotic. A pebbles exclusive. Made in the usa.



  • 30 minutes
  • Available as a readymade product also. Let us do the creative work for you!


  • Home
  • Workplace
  • Party


  • 3 Sleighs
  • 3 Sleigh Backers
  • 6 Sleigh Rails
  • 12 Present Boxes
  • 6 Box Lids
  • 3 Present Ribbon
  • 3 Present Bows
  • 3 Santa Heads (Beard, Mustache, Nose, Face, Eye Backer, Mouth Backer, and Cheek Backer)
  • 6 Twine Bows
  • 3 Santa Hats (Hat, Pom, and Trim)
  • 3 Santa Suits (Coat, trimmings, belt and buckle)
  • 3 Gloves
  • Bakers twine

INSTRUCTIONS:Tie a bow with twine around the reindeer’s neck. Adhere the sleigh backer behind the sleigh. Add the sleigh rails, one on the top of the sleigh, and on on the bottom, mounted behind.Adhere the lid on top of the large present box. Then add the ribbon piece to the rectangle present. Add the lid and bow piece to the small present. Stack the presents so the large one is on the bottom, then the rectangle, then the small one and adhere together. Adhere behind the sleigh on the left side. Adhere the trimmings on Santa’s suit, down the middle, along the bottom, and on the sleeve’s edge. Adhere glove. Adhere the belt along the middle of the coat. Add buckle.Adhere the mouth backer behind the mouth cut out. Adhere the eye backer behind the eye cutouts. Then do the same to the pink cheek cut outs. Adhere the mustache to the bottom of the face. Adhere the pink nose. Adhere on top of the beard so that the mouth is directly below the nose. Add the trim and pom to the hat. Adhere to the face so the eyebrows sitll show. Adhere to the coat. Adhere Santa to the fron of the sleigh, behind the sleigh. String bakers twine through the icons as shown, leaving equal amounts of twine at each end. Trim and knot as needed. When the season is over, simply stack together and place in a sealed bag in a cool, dark place to enjoy for many years to come.


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