Flower Crates Garland

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Go ahead and make today a happy one with these flowers that are sure to last. Filled with colorful flowers, this garland is sure to make your season bright! It is the perfect companion to all of our Spring and Easter banners & garlands. A pebbles exclusive. Made in the usa.




  • 30 minutes
  • Available as a readymade product also. Let us do the creative work for you!


  • Workplace
  • Party


  • Watering Cans (Body, Handle, Spout, Top, Layered Hearts)
  • Yellow Flower (Back, Front, Felt Ball)
  • Pink Flower (Back, Middle, Front, Felt Ball)
  • Purple Flower (Front, Back, 2 centers, backer)
  • Sprigs
  • Large Leaves
  • Small Leaves
  • Crates (Back, Front, Planks, Binding, Sign, +2 Extenders)
  • Purple Flowers (Front, Back, Stems)
  • Daffodil (Front, Back, Centers, Stem)
  • Pink Flowers (Front, Back, Stems)
  • Bakers Twine

Adhere the handle on the left side of the watering can body. Adhere the spout on the right. Adhere the top piece on the top edge. Center and
adhere the green heart, then center and adhere the floral heart atop of that. Curl the edges of each flower and assemble. Adhere the yellow
flower on top of the bee flower. Adhere the felt ball center. Add the two large leaves on the back left. Adhere the pink flower, smallest on top the
largest. Add felt ball center. Add the two small leaves on the back left. Layer and adhere the purple flower. Layer and adhere the purple centers.
Adhere on the purple backer and adhere to the top right of the watering can. Adhere the bottom of the pink flowers to the top left. Adhere the
yellow flower to the pink top petals. Add one sprig to the top left, on on the top right and the other on the bottom right, as pictured. Assemble
the pink tulips by adhering the dark pink flowers on top of the light pink with foam adhesive. Add stems. Assemble the daffodil by adhereing the
small yellow to the large yellow flower. Add the center. Adhere to the stem. Assemble the purple flowers by adhere the plaid flowers to the top of
the polka dot flowers. Adhere to the stems. On the smaller brown rectangle, add the wooden planks. On both sides, add the binding strips.
Adhere the purple behind the sign. Adhere to the center of the crate. Arrange and adhere the flowers to the back of the crate front, as pictured.
Fold and adhere the extenders. Adhere the front of the crate to the back. String bakers twine through the cans and crates as shown, leaving
equal amounts of twine at each end. Trim and knot as needed. When the season is over, simply stack together and place in a sealed bag in a
cool, dark place to enjoy for many years to come.


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