Firework Garland

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  • Fireworks (Body, Fuse, Top, Top Outline, Acetate, Sequins)
  • Stars (Stars, Star Outline, Acetate, Sequins)
  • Twine

Wrap and adhere the fuse. Adhere to the bottom of the firework body. Adhere the top to the body. Adhere the top outline to the acetate. Place a pile of sequin in the middle of the top piece. With foam adhesive, place the acetate and outline on top of the top piece. Adhere the acetate to the star outline. Place a pile of sequins on the star. With foam adhesive, place the acetate and star outline to the top of the star. String bakers twine through the stars and fireworks as shown, leaving equal amounts of twine at each end. Trim and knot as needed. When the season is over, simply stack together and place in a sealed bag in a cool, dark place to enjoy for many years to come.


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