Fill My Life With Sunshine Treat Box (4 Pack DIY)

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Fill My Life With Sunshine Treat Box makes the perfect gift. This treat is the perfect gift for someone needing a little extra something. The price is for one pre-made treat. Handmade just for you by the wonderful staff here at Pebbles In My Pocket! 



  • Treat Boxes
  • Acetate Squares
  • 4  Tags
  • 4Quote Tags
  • Sun Circles
  • Ribbon
  • Twine

Adhere the acetate squares. Fold and adhere the treat box. Thread the ribbon through the holes on top of the box.
With foam adheisve, adhere the sun circle to the quote tag. Thread the twine through the tags. Thread through the
ribbon and tie a knot. Tie a knot in the ribbon. For best results, use strong glue like a hot glue gun. Gift to neighbors,
teachers, friends!


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