3-D Flower Garland

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  • Heart Petals
  • Striped Petals
  • Stringy Centers
  • Large Dot Centers
  • Small Dot Centers
  • Felt Ball Halves
  • Circles
  • Twine

Fold and adhere the heart petals to the circle. Fold and adhere the striped petals. Then adhere to the heart petals.
Adhere the stringy centers. Adhere the large dot centers. Then adhere the small dot centers. Last, adhere the felt
ball half to the middle. String bakers twine through the flowers as shown, leaving equal amounts of twine at each
end. Trim and knot as needed. When the season is over, simply stack together and place in a sealed bag in a cool,
dark place to enjoy for many years to come.


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