A Pebbles Exclusive - Kit: Easter Basket Treat Cup (6 qty)

A Pebbles Exclusive - Kit: Easter Basket Treat Cup (6 qty)

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  • $ 7.99

Our Easter Basket Treat cups are oh! so cute and ready to be filled with your favorite Easter treats, delighting all you give them to. They make a perfect party or place setting gift. A Pebbles exclusive. Made in the USA.

Assembly time: 60 minutes

Perfect for:

  • Gifting
  • Party
  • Place setting

Kit includes:

  • 6 3oz Dixie Cups
  • 12 Easter wrap die cuts / assorted prints
  • 12 Easter handle die cuts 1/4” x 6“
  • 12 Grass strip die cuts 1” x 6.5“

Additional supplies needed:

  • Hot glue gun & sticks (low heat is wonderful)
  • Scissors

Instructions: This design wraps around the small 3oz paper cup. The cup makes a great barrier for treats that contain grease, like nuts or trail mix, leaving the outside grease free. Place a vertical bead of hot glue along the outside side edge of the cup by the seam. Quickly line it up along the bottom and cup seam and wrap around, placing another strip of hot glue on the remaining back side of the wrapper to secure in place. Cut little 1/8” snips along the long side of the grass strip, leaving 1/4” uncut and still connected. Run a small bead of white craft glue on the inside top edge of the cup and place & press the grass piece in place. To avoid glue mess, you can choose to add a little glue at a time as you work your way around. Let dry. Fill up with your favorite treat and enjoy!