A Pebbles Exclusive - Kit: Spring Rosette Flower Banner (1 yd)

A Pebbles Exclusive - Kit: Spring Rosette Flower Banner (1 yd)

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  • $ 18.99

Spring has sprung with our Spring Rosette Flower Banner. Banner coordinates perfectly with our other Easter Kits & Premades. A Pebbles exclusive. Made in the USA.

Assembly time: 90 minutes

Perfect for:

  • Gifting
  • Party
  • Place setting

Kit includes:

  • 10 3” x 12” scored strips of paper / 2 each of 6 designs
  • 10 Leaf die cuts 4” / green print
  • 5 5/8” crystal rhinestones
  • 5 Scallop circle die cuts 1” / pink
  • 5 Chipboard squares 1.5” x 1.5”
  • 4yds Bakers twine/cream 

Additional supplies needed:

  • Hot glue gun & sticks (low heat is wonderful)
  • Scissors
  • 1/8” circle punch

Instructions: With scallop circles, cut 1/4” snips between each scallop, outside towards the center. Cut corners off chipboard squares. Fold scored strips of paper into accordion strips. Connect the two same pattern strips together by hot gluing along edges and pressing together. This will form a continuous round. Repeat with all five patterns. To make a rosette, press the round accordion circle down so it flattens, front side down. With opened hand, do your best to keep it flattened and apply hot glue semi-heavily around the hole. Press the chipboard square on top and quickly rearrange rosette to make accordion sections somewhat even. Keep pressing down the chipboard piece until the glue dries. The chipboard piece will keep the rosette flat. Once securely flattened, create a rosette flower by cutting from the outside edge along the bottom of the ridge towards the center to create petal sections. Count ridges and divide into even sections, they may not be an even number and that is fine. Glue scallop circle and rhinestone in the center. Fluff the center scallop edges up. Fold leaves to create dimension. Arrange flowers in desired order and glue leaves in back as shown. Punch two 1/8” circles in the rosette petal on the upper middle sides. We want the flowers to hang straight down while still hiding the string behind the flower. When the season is over, simply stack together and place in a sealed bag in a cool, dark place to enjoy for many years to come.