A Pebbles Exclusive - Kit: Bunny & Chick Pockets

A Pebbles Exclusive - Kit: Bunny & Chick Pockets

Pebbles In My Pocket

  • $ 8.99

Our Chick & Bunny Pockets make a perfect holder for sweet treats at Eastertime. A Pebbles exclusive. Made in the USA

Assembly time: 45 minutes

Available as a readymade product also. Let us do the creative work for you!

Perfect for:

  • Gifting
  • Party
  • Place setting

Kit includes:

  • 3 Chick pocket die cuts/yellow
  • 3 Bunny pocket die cuts/white
  • 3 Chick beak die cuts/orange
  • 3 Bunny nose die cuts/soft pink
  • 3 Chick hair die cuts/orange
  • 6 Bunny ear die cuts/soft gray
  • 3 Eggshell die cuts/white
  • 3 Grass die cuts/green
  • 6 Tiny pop dots

Additional supplies needed:

  • Hot glue gun & sticks (low heat is wonderful)
  • Good quality white crafting glue
  • Black permanent pen / fine point 

Fold body pockets in half with the pocket in back. Place a thin strip of good quality white craft glue on the inside two sides and bottom. Let dry. Attach the noses as shown with a tiny glue dot. Adhere eyes, noses, ears and grass & egg with white glue. Draw whiskers as shown.