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Missionary Sets are being added each day…

Where is your Missionary being Called to Serve? Orders are now being taken. We are adding new LDS Missionary Sets each day. You may wonder how we decide which locations do do first… we complete them quickly upon request. It is YOU, our customers that decide the order. Simply call 801-226-2632 or email Special requests are completed within 2 quick business days. Sets are available as digital downloads here and as premade product here.

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NEW!!! Downloadable LDS Missionary Sets

We are so delighted to now offer our customers Missionary Sets as Downloadable Printables. Keep in mind, we can always print them out for you in the shop when you drop by and we can mail them to you also. Everything is included in this set. That’s right! Everything! Elder, Sisters and Couples to help celebrate in the special Farewell and the Homecoming. How extra cool is that? Call the shop 801-226-2632 or email with the countries you need quickly and questions you have. We are here to help you. You can find them here. Have a great day 🙂 Brenda


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FREE 2017 Primary Theme | CTR

I love our new 2017 Primary Theme… CHOOSE THE RIGHT (found here). The most important principles we can learn in life are taught in Primary… the basics that help lead our children to a good life are the very things that can help us find happiness throughout our lives.
We created FREE printable binder covers and posters just for you that will help you reinforce the CTR theme, all in classic CTR colors. The FREE monthly themes will be completed by November 1st for downloading or printing at Pebbles in my Pocket. We have also created coordinating groupings  that are available for a small downloadable fee here.
I hope you enjoy them! Brenda
Can I share your designs? Our designs are made for personal | church use only. They are not to be used for commercial use for profit.
Can I alter your designs? We ask that you do not alter or change our designs any way. If you are interested in a design alteration or addition, including language change, please make a request through our Etsy site here or Pebbles in my Pocket site here for a small fee.
How do I download these printables? Simply click the links below each image to download.
Pebbles in my Pocket offers Printing | Mailing services 
Please call Pebbles in my Pocket for additional help as needed 801-226-2632
Thank you!


Click here to instantly download our FREE 2017 Primary Theme Collection

Click here to download our coordinating collections


Click here to download our $3.99 Classroom Bundle



Click here to download our Birthday | Tag Bundle $3.99



Click here to download our Bulletin Board | Classroom Bundle $4.99



Click here to download our Coordinating Paper Bundle $3.99

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2016 September VT Message & Treat


Visiting Teaching Treats for September 2016 are completed and ready to delight the sisters you visit. Our message is on the sacred duty of parenthood, which can bring us our greatest joys. along with our greatest pain and everything in between… the trail mix that comes with the message will be much appreciated. I continually am so grateful for the women in my life who have stood by my side as I have grown through the years as a Mom and now Grandma. Thank goodness for second chances and do overs as we raise our kids. I have learned it’s not about being perfect, it’s about the love and we mustn’t be too hard on ourselves. You can find them in the store and online here.

Have a wonderful day! Brenda

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Called To Serve Banner


We just added a sweet new product to the Pebbles in my Pocket  store… our Called to Serve Banner that is perfect for celebrating your missionary. It includes both an elder and a sister flag that can be changed out. If thoughts of getting our printed banner into your hands delights you…

It is available 3 ways and you can find it here   or call the store for details 801-226-2632

Readymade $12.99 | 4 Printed Sheets $7.99 | Digital Download Cost $3.99

Have a wonderful day! Brenda

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New Primary 2016 Theme

Primary 2016 Theme

Scripture Power Girl Flying-01
Dear Friends-
We have been scrambling to get our Primary Theme 2016 ready to go for you. I hope you love them as much as we do. Be sure to pass these on to those you know serving in Primary. Many are free, and others are bundled up for a small fee. Use them as you wish (non profit).  The designs are also perfect to reinforce the theme in your home and children's bedrooms too. There are 12 Super Hero Kids in a variety of hair and skin tones so you will be able to custom create your very own.
Once I thought of this idea for Primary, it came together pretty quickly...  though a project of this size is a labor of love. I love the gospel and what could be more memorable to kids then Super Hero's with Scripture Power? Wouldn't it be fun to sew up some simple red, yellow and blue capes that the kids could wear when they come up front for their birthday song? They could also talk about their favorite scripture super hero...   FREE Monthly theme posters will available for download too!
Affordable Print and Ship services are available also in our store  and online (801-226-2632).
We are here to help you! Please let us know how our download process works for you. We are new at this and appreciate your feedback very much.
Thank You!