The Cinch

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Box may come damaged, but the product is in perfect working condition.

Like its predecessor, the Cinch Version 2 is incredibly versatile. It offers customizable punching, permits you to punch perfect round holes without measuring, lets you lay your projects flat while you punch for ease of use, and allows you punch any length for up to 20 sheets of copy paper at one time. It also sports a convenient storage clasp. So how does it improve on the original? Well, the Cinch Version 2 has some new and improved features:
  • New and more accurate cinching bar system
  • Now compress binding from .325 to 1.25 inches! (The original requires an adjustment bar for smaller wires, sold separately).
  • Easy to turn knob at top of cinch bar for selecting wire diameter
  • Improved cinch platform with filled-in columns ensuring more circular wires
  • Improved inner gear ratio for fully retractable punching every time
  • Stronger springs inside for easier punching, expanded instructions in 4 languages and has a new fun color!


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