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Company History

The Pebbles in my Pocket story began in 1992. I had been painting decorative wood pieces for years and was part owner of a business called Through the Grapevine on State Street in Orem Utah (Where The Chocolate is currently located).  I feel grateful to have been able to work with the women that were there and help support our young family, while staying home. My happiest days though, were spent combining my love of journaling with my love of photography. With my husband Larry’s encouragement, I quickly began my dream of creating a scrapbook business that would inspire others to begin this fulfilling hobby and “life work”. I knew the joy it brought me and my family and hoped others would feel the same way. 

We eagerly jumped in and we built our wings on the way, not knowing too much about the business side of it. The Scrapbook Magazines and product manufacturers quickly jumped on board and scrapbooking was an overnight success and brought happiness to so many. I began with a hand drawn mail order catalog and shipped product out of our home. The business quickly outgrew our home and was moved to several locations before settling into our current location on 1132 South State Street, Orem, Utah in 1994. It is fitting that our store is lovingly located in a home filled with so many memories of family long before we were lucky enough to purchase it! The stores in Salt Lake City, St. George, Utah and even Las Vegas, soon followed. We also added a web site 

The Pebbles in my Pocket name was inspired by our five daughters: Ashlee, Lindsey, Katie, Kelsie and Abby. Everywhere we went, they gathered  pebbles, seashells and such. They placed them in their pockets, only to come home, empty them and remember the treasures they found along the way. Memories are just like these pebbles and are gathered throughout our lives. Happy & sad times, frustrations & struggles, joys and dreams . . . everything that makes us who we are. What a gift it is to gather our memories and pass them on to loved ones!When the digital market arrived, photos were no longer developed as much and quickly we noticed the market changing. Blogging became popular and I jumped on that one so that I could share our family memories quickly and easily with family that lived fay away. Our family blog is located at birrellfamily.blogspot.com. So many of you have watched our girls grow up. The important thing is that memories were still being recorded, though differently. Now there is Instagram and Facebook. I still encourage people to print out their most favorite photos for safekeeping and to share these memories with their children.

With the addition of a growing family and a changing market, we closed all of our stores except for the Orem, Utah store and also offer our products through the internet at pebblesinmypocket.com.
We still memory keep at Pebbles, but we have also added card making, paper crafting, home decor, celebrations and quick & affordable gifts. We focus on the simple & easy ways to make life special. Simply put . . . we love what we do at Pebbles and we want to share that love with you! We invite you to come visit and see what is new… we think you’ll love it! We are a small family owned business and we love and appreciate our customers.


Brenda Birrell
Founder /Owner of Pebbles in my Pocket

Pebbles in my Pocket
first mail order
catalog 1992